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by meisterpropper
07 May 2019 19:20
Forum: Wish List
Topic: Stream Deck DAW Support
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Stream Deck DAW Support

Hi, I´ve found Stream Deck, which could be a very nice daw controller, but it seems, that this controller only works with preconfigured plugins from their store. I think it could be very great for proppfrexx and there is an official SDK. Just wanted to shoud out, if it would be interesting for the w...
by meisterpropper
14 Jan 2019 20:54
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: D&R Airlite
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Re: D&R Airlite

Hi, sound like the proppfrexx can´t send the commands to airlite to turn on the On-knobs for each channel when the player is started at automatic mode. Have you imported the control commands at settings => commands/events? Have a look to the debug log. If you find any line which says: could not disp...
by meisterpropper
30 May 2018 22:29
Forum: General OnAir Discussion
Topic: Tutorial Videos
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Re: Tutorial Videos

I´ve produced two new tutorial videos:
- News Management (deutsch)
- Advert Management (deutsch)
by meisterpropper
25 May 2018 17:43
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: crash on win10 1803 build 17134.1
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Re: crash on win10 1803 build 17134.1

I´ve had problems with D&R airlite drivers. Only a fresh windows 10 install helped me solving my problem.
by meisterpropper
22 Mar 2018 21:51
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: start new program: first song no sound onair
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Re: start new program: first song no sound onair

Hello Bernd. Has not been resolved yet. I can explain it better with a movie on the screen than with text. It is a mp4 of approx. 30 mb. link sent to your PM Hi, I´ve created the D&R mapping - which start type do you use at your programs? As I can say you can only Update Sync Start Types, because I...
by meisterpropper
15 Jan 2018 19:43
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: History options
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Re: History options

How much history entries do you save? You set this number at history logging overview.
by meisterpropper
12 Dec 2017 10:40
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: The simplesest way to program a PF playlist
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Re: The simplesest way to program a PF playlist

Or you simply create one large playlist and load this huge playlist once in one script while your program is running 2 days?
by meisterpropper
06 Dec 2017 14:12
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: Radio Network with ProppFrexx
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Re: Radio Network with ProppFrexx

I think you can try multi-region support, but I don´t know, if you can switch between different region streams, whenever you play out an commercial container.
by meisterpropper
18 Nov 2017 11:55
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: Suppress Replaygain Calculation
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Suppress Replaygain Calculation


is there an option to suppress replaigain calculation at single track? I´ven´t found any option at load track definition at my script or track options.
Would it be possible to add? It´s related to show recordings which should be played out like they were recorded.

by meisterpropper
13 Nov 2017 14:15
Forum: General OnAir Discussion
Topic: PC Hardware / Server hosting
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PC Hardware / Server hosting


has anyone hints for a suitable pc running proppfrexx in 24h operation? Should be running very silently and energy efficient. Or has anyone experience in hosting ProppFrexx at a Windows Server?