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by meisterpropper
14 Jan 2019 20:54
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: D&R Airlite
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Re: D&R Airlite

Hi, sound like the proppfrexx can´t send the commands to airlite to turn on the On-knobs for each channel when the player is started at automatic mode. Have you imported the control commands at settings => commands/events? Have a look to the debug log. If you find any line which says: could not disp...
by meisterpropper
30 May 2018 22:29
Forum: General OnAir Discussion
Topic: Tutorial Videos
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Re: Tutorial Videos

I´ve produced two new tutorial videos:
- News Management (deutsch)
- Advert Management (deutsch)
by meisterpropper
25 May 2018 17:43
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: crash on win10 1803 build 17134.1
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Re: crash on win10 1803 build 17134.1

I´ve had problems with D&R airlite drivers. Only a fresh windows 10 install helped me solving my problem.
by meisterpropper
22 Mar 2018 21:51
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: start new program: first song no sound onair
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Re: start new program: first song no sound onair

Hello Bernd. Has not been resolved yet. I can explain it better with a movie on the screen than with text. It is a mp4 of approx. 30 mb. link sent to your PM Hi, I´ve created the D&R mapping - which start type do you use at your programs? As I can say you can only Update Sync Start Types, because I...
by meisterpropper
15 Jan 2018 19:43
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: History options
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Re: History options

How much history entries do you save? You set this number at history logging overview.
by meisterpropper
12 Dec 2017 10:40
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: The simplesest way to program a PF playlist
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Re: The simplesest way to program a PF playlist

Or you simply create one large playlist and load this huge playlist once in one script while your program is running 2 days?
by meisterpropper
06 Dec 2017 14:12
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: Radio Network with ProppFrexx
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Re: Radio Network with ProppFrexx

I think you can try multi-region support, but I don´t know, if you can switch between different region streams, whenever you play out an commercial container.
by meisterpropper
18 Nov 2017 11:55
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: Suppress Replaygain Calculation
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Suppress Replaygain Calculation


is there an option to suppress replaigain calculation at single track? I´ven´t found any option at load track definition at my script or track options.
Would it be possible to add? It´s related to show recordings which should be played out like they were recorded.

by meisterpropper
13 Nov 2017 14:15
Forum: General OnAir Discussion
Topic: PC Hardware / Server hosting
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PC Hardware / Server hosting


has anyone hints for a suitable pc running proppfrexx in 24h operation? Should be running very silently and energy efficient. Or has anyone experience in hosting ProppFrexx at a Windows Server?


by meisterpropper
31 Aug 2017 10:00
Forum: Wish List
Topic: Facebook Live Audio
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Re: Facebook Live Audio

Yes, three rings doesn´t work at all. I´ve ordered a usb c to mini jack input cable. perhaps this could work, but I don´t think so. With an iPhone there´s no problem routing external audio to facebook?