v3.0.15.5 - stable

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v3.0.15.5 - stable

Post by radio42 » 13 Mar 2015 23:01

Version is out.

What's New?
  • Touch UI option added and optimizations
  • New Workspace Manager added
  • Coverart display in Find and Trackboard
  • PFP Playlist grouping save bug-fix
  • Program-Import embedded container bug-fix
  • Automatic Recording CueSheet (.pfc) option added
  • New Playlist.OnEnd event added
  • 'Playlist Save As' to work with library plalyist bugfix
  • FTE and Script Transition type removal bugfix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Touch UI option added and optimizations
There is now a new Touch UI option available in the general settings, section 'Look and Feel'.
If set, certain controls are displayed in a larger fashion, so that you can operate it more easily with your fingers.
(e.g. the row height of the playlist, find and trackboard entries; the ribbon item size of customized items; the cartwall size).

New Workspace Manager added
The main View ribbon tab now contains a new Workspace Manager item. This allows you to save and restore your own layout configurations. So far the layout of all your docking panels (windows) have been saved when closing ProppFrexx and restored at startup. This is still the case, but in addition you can now also save and restore your own snapshots and toggle between them. The last used layout will still be saved when closing and restored at startup.

Coverart display in Find and Trackboard
The Cover column can now be displayed within the Find and Trackboard window.

Automatic Recording CueSheet (.pfc) option added
By default a .pfc recording cue-sheet file will be save along side with any mixer channel recording file (for manual as well as automatic recording). Such a cue-sheet file will contain the media tracks played during that recording by ProppFrexx.
If such a recorded file, having a .pfc cue-sheet assigned, will later be played back by a DJ Player from with a playlist, song title updates will automatically be issued according to the cue-sheet content.
This feature (which is enabled by default, see general settings, section 'Record/Encoding') allows perfect re-broadcasting of previously recorded shows including the original song title updates.

New Playlist.OnEnd event added
A new general system event 'Playlist.OnEnd' was added, which is triggered once a playlist is in AutoPlay mode and is comming to a natural end, meaning all its playlist items have been played out and no more playlist items are available.

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