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Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 21 Jul 2015 19:43
by radio42
Yes and No ;-)
No, the download of files will of course never be optional, as without audio files Voice Tracking isn't really possible.
But, there will probably be an option to create a 'compressed version' of the existing audio files first. So that the local user can download the existing playlist files faster.
However, the 'new' files added locally (e.g. the voice tracks) need to be transferred back to the server as is (to not loose any sound quality in the final playlist).

Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 23:01
by radio42
I just uploaded a new PF v4.0 version incl. the Remote Voice Tracking Feature… ...

This version will almost be the final version and be released soon - probably be the end of the week!

Here is a quick description how Remote Voice Tracking works: You need two PCs – a server and a client ;-)

On the SERVER instance, make sure, that you ‘Enable GPIO Ext. Service’ – see general settings, section ‘GPIO/Remoting’.
Note the Port Number (default is 9042).
Also remember the ‘Authorization Password’ under the ‘TCP Device’ section.

In addition define a Compression Encoding Profile in the general settings, section ‘Encoding/Recording’ – see the new 'Remote Voice Tracking' group:
The 'Compression Profile' always uses the specified 'Default Encoder' of the related profile.
E.g. click above on 'Define Encoder Profile…' to define a new one!
I am using WMA with 48kbps as the default (as the WMA encode is pretty fast and good).
(the 'Playlist Template Path' might be left empty, see the tool tip)

Also note, that there is a new Program Scheduler option 'AllowRemoteVoiceTracking'.
This option MUST be enabled in order to allow the creation of a new template playlist based on an existing, normal script entry remotely.
Else the existing program scheduler entry MUST already be converted/created as a 'Playlist Template' by a local user (program editor); e.g. via the 'Template Playlist Wizard…' or via a right-click on a Program Scheduler entry and using the 'Create Playlist Template…' menu.

So the SERVER must be an Enterprise Edition! The Client can be ANY Edition!

Now to the CLIENT:
Here you just click on the 'New' main ribbon tab arrow and select 'Remote Voice-Tracking…' - this opens the 'Remote Voice-Tracking Download Wizard'.
As the 'Server-URL' specify at least the DNS/IP address of the server instance as well as the GPIO Ext. port, e.g. "".
The 'Clientname' can be ANY name – it's just for info.
The 'Password' MUST match the above TCP server password!
Now click on 'Connect'.
On the next page you’ll be able to select a date and time, which will identify the program entry you want to process (do the voice-tracking on). You might click in the '…' button to see all available entries for that day. So just pick one entry in the future.

Now you specify a 'Local Base Folder' and decide if you want to use the compression mode.
Specify a local folder underneath the voice tracking session files will be created. For each session there will automatically be a YYYYMMDD_HHMM sub-folder created.

If you are on a remote network (connected via the Internet) it is recommended to leave the 'Use Compression' option enabled.
If you are within the same network you might disable this option – as in that case the native tracks will be transmitted.
If enabled (and there is a compression encoding profile defined on the remote server) the related audio files are NOT transmitted in their original audio format, but are first compressed on the server and then the compressed versions are downloaded.

If you now click on 'Next >', the download will start….once finished, the playlist will be opened and you can do your voice-tracking and/or modify the local playlist.

When you close the playlist, you are asked, if you want to upload it back to the server.
You might select NO and continue later (just click on the 'Remote Voice-Tracking…' ribbon menu again and your last session will be opened again)
Else, the Upload Wizard comes up and will transfer all new files and the modified playlist back to the server…now ready for play out on the server!

That’s it!

Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 30 Jul 2015 00:23
by inl_inc
Really excited about the built-in day-parting feature - "Track based scripting restrictions". Especially the day of the week/month, etc.

Will you provide detailed upgrade instructions? A bit worried about potential problems with the upgrade on a production machine. Will there be an ability to revert back to version 3, in case something goes wrong with the upgrade?

Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 30 Jul 2015 06:30
by radio42
When you Upgrade, the 4.0 version will create a new AppUserData folder and copy the 3.0 config data. However the entire config data is fully compatible with 3.0. So you can even run 3 and 4 side by side.
There for I don't see any upgrade issues.

Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 30 Jul 2015 13:21
by andrerotgans
Hi Bernd,

A question about the remote voicetrack option.

What happens when the user voicetracking on the remote client adds additional audio from his/hers own proppfrexx instance? I.e. dragging in an additional jingle or song in the playlist which is not available in the original playlist downloaded from the server. And maybe not at all available on the PFOA instance running as a server. Or dragging in a track-insert in the segue editor?
Is that file also uploaded to the proppfrexx acting as a server and added to that particular playlist, just like the remote recorded VT's?

Best regards.

Re: Version 4.0 is about to be released soon!

Posted: 30 Jul 2015 13:30
by radio42
Any newly added files, jingles, playlists, track-inserts, voice-tracks etc. are automatically uploaded to the server as is.
Meaning those native local audio files will be uploaded to the server (to the same remote directory where the original playlist was located).