v4.0.0.5 - stable

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v4.0.0.5 - stable

Post by radio42 » 12 Aug 2015 23:22

Version is out!

What's New?
  • Auto Sweeper script-line option added
  • New PFLPlayer AutoSweeper button added
  • Secondary MODStream URL handling optimized
  • Cartwall II user specific shortcut bug-fix
  • Some Touch UI optimizations
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Auto Sweeper script-line option added
When clicking on the flash Icon in the 'Options' columns you can now define an 'Auto. Sweeper' library.
If set, a sweeper track is automatically selected from that library (matching/less than the ramp time of the related track picked by this script-line) and added as an 'EndsWithRampOfNextTrack' track insert-transition to this track.

In addition a direct sweeper convertion option was added to the playlist window. E.g. mark/select a track (e.g. a Jingle) and then select 'Convert to Sweeper' from the contect menu or the Playlist ribbon tab.
Automatic sweeper convertion also takes place, if you drop a track onto an existing Playlist entry while Holding down the ALT key.
E.g. drop a cartall item and hold the ALT key to add that cartwall Jingle to the dropped track as a 'EndsWithRampOfNextTrack' track insert.

New PFLPlayer AutoSweeper button added
Within the PFL Player you'll now also find a new 'AS~' button; which directly let's you add a sweeper from any cartwall lib.

Secondary MODStream URL handling optimized
You can now specify an optional secondary MODStreamWatcher URL. In case the Primary URL is not available, this one might be taken.
The optional intro and outro files are now played before and after each successfull MODStream connect/playback.
And in the general settings (section 'Streaming') you can now define a silence detection timeout Action, in order to define, if you want to close and stop the entire MODStream Player; or if you want to just disconnect the stream in case silence is detected on it.

Some Touch UI optimizations
Some further TouchUI optimizations have been performed (yes, we have the first real Radio stations operating ProppFrexx entirly from a TouchUI Screen). The already existing TouchUI Option was enhanced by an additional 'Use Large Ribbon Icons' Option - see General Settings, LookAndFeel resp. the User Configuration Settings.

A new user profile right 'AllowPasswordChanges' was added as well.

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