v4.0.0.24 - stable

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v4.0.0.24 - stable

Post by radio42 » 24 Oct 2015 20:31

Version v4.0.0.24 is out!

What's New?
  • New Transition 'StartWithCueInOrEndWithRampOfNextTrack' added
  • Option to specify a Default Sweeper Transition added
  • Mixing settings enhanced by various ACPD-Options
  • New 'Speech Insert' options added
  • Program-Import SpotBreak as EmbeddedContainer bug-fix
  • Drop Sweeper option to loaded playlist entry bug-fix
  • Overlay EndsAt bug-fix when nothing is playing
  • New import filename option "SCRIPT:*" added
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

New Transition 'StartWithCueInOrEndWithRampOfNextTrack' added
Option to specify a Default Sweeper Transition added
The new 'StartWithCueInOrEndsWithRampOfNextTrack' transition, in opposite to its 'VO:' counterpart would always use CueIn if no Ramp position is set.
In addition you can now specify your (default) Sweeper Transition type in the general settings, mixing section.

Mixing settings enhanced by various ACPD-Options
These ACPD-Options (see the ‘Mixing per Media Type…’ dialog) allows you to specify various options per Media Entry Type. Namely:
ForceRecalc: The segue-points are recalculated even if they already exist.
ClearAllSeguePoints: The segue-points are removed before they are (re)calculated.
NoCalcCueIn: The CueIn position is not (re)calculated.
NoCalcFullLevel: The FullLevel position is not (re)calculated.
NoCalcNext: The Next position is not (re)calculated.
NoCalcFadeOut: The FadeOut position is not (re)calculated.
NoCalcCueOut: The CueOut position is not (re)calculated.</value>

Thus, these options allow you for example to not calculate certain cue-points for certain media entry types.

New 'Speech Insert' options added
The playlist context menu or playlist ribbon 'Add' now contains a new menu item called 'Speech Insert'. Here you can directly add a few predefined silence audio tracks (from 30sec. up to 30 min.). They all have a few track options already set:
- StopAtEnd
- SuppressTitleUpdates
- SuppressGlobalLogging
- SuppressPlaylistLogging
- SuppressACPD

Thus you could now quickly add those track to your playlist. Those entries are ONLY intended for a moderated show to insert a speech indicator!

[*]New import filename option "SCRIPT:*" added
Note, the '*' has to follow the SCRIPT: value. E.g.

The '*' will resolve the related script immediately at import time (as discussed).
If only 1 track is returned that single track will be used directly; else an embedded container is used.

The 'BaseFolder' import option now also scans any sub-folders for matching files.

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