v4.0.0.34 - stable

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v4.0.0.34 - stable

Post by radio42 » 26 Nov 2015 23:13

Version is out!

What's New?
  • New 'IgnoreMetaData' Import Log option
  • New 'Playlist Only' RemoteVoiceTracking mode
  • BreadCumbs added to Explorer window
  • Explorer window is now multi-select
  • VST might not be removed bug-fix
  • FTE might start 2 players bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

New 'IgnoreMetaData' Import Log option
When importing logs from external schedulers you can now choose this new import option in order to suppress reading any extended meta data at import time, like cue-points etc. This means, the resulting (imported) playlist will 'only' contain general TAG information like Artist, Title etc., but no cue-points already. Thus this information is evaluated at play-time of the related playlist.

New 'Playlist Only' RemoteVoiceTracking mode
This is probably the biggest advantage for users running larger program playlist or even import only single day-long logs.
So far remote voice tracking always downloaded the entire playlist including all related audio tracks to the remote client. This however is of course problematic with larger playlist, as it might take significant time to download all tracks.
To overcome this issue a new 'Playlist Only' mode was introduced:
The initial Remote Voice Tracking dialog now contains a ‘Playlist Only’ checkbox! This should automatically be selected for playlist templates (programs) longer than 4 hours.
If checked (Playlist Only) only the playlist file will be downloaded – as the name suggests, but at this time no audio tracks will be downloaded!

Once the entire playlist is downloaded, you might now manually initiate the real download of only the needed audio files.
Just select them within your locally downloaded playlist and the make a right-click and select 'Download Remote Tracks…' from the context menu...
In case you directly start the 'Voice Tracking...' and the files are locally not downloaded yet, you are also asked to do so.

The download is then invoked via a new 'Remote Voice-Tracking Download Wizard…'
This means, only the requested files are compressed and downloaded ad-hoc from the remote server.
After the (compression and) download from the server, you can perform the voice tracking as before.

Once all is done, just do the upload - just as before!

So basically the manual resp. ad-hoc download of files is new.
The manual download (via the ‘Download Remote Tracks…’ menu item) even allows you to explicitly download all files for all tracks of the desired hour – just as you select them as needed. This even makes remotely working with very large playlist possible.

BreadCumbs added to Explorer window
The ProppFrexx build-in Explorer Window now contains a new tool bar for each browser, a so called 'bread crumb edit' - you might already know this from the Windows 7 or 10 explorer. You can use the brad crum edit (e.g. by clicking on the folder arrows) to more quickly navigate through your folder structure.
In addition the explorer now supports multi-selection.

NOTE: the v4.0.0.34 contains a few recommended bug-fixes to the previous v4.0.0.32!

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