v4.0.1.3 - stable

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v4.0.1.3 - stable

Post by radio42 » 06 Jan 2016 23:01

Version is out!

What's New?
  • UI Lib update
  • Audio Lib update
  • Alternative, secondary MLS configuration
  • Routing in Manual Live-Assist enhanced
  • TimeUpdateSync bug-fix
  • BSI Simian TAG reading bug-fix
  • Mixing per Media Type save bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Alternative, secondary MLS configuration
You can now specify for each remote media library connection an alternative (secondary) server address.
This allows you to configure a fallback-back server in case your primary server is down (e.g. for maintenance or repair). A remote connection is automatically routed to that secondary server in such case and switched back to your primary server once it got back online.

Routing in Manual Live-Assist enhanced
The Live-Assist Mode so far allowed you to toggle between the standard DJ Player routing or an alternative routing (when the mode is switched between manual and automatic operation). A new 'Use current DJ Players Output at AutoPlay' option (see general settings, section 'More Stuff' and click on the 'Manual Operation' button) offers a dynamic alternative routing in case you are in Manual Operation mode (Live-Assist):
If checked and you activate AutoPlay, the Output (routing) of the currently playing DJ Player will be used for all other DJ Players while AutoPlay is active. Note, that this affects only the current playlists and not all open playlists!

Meaning while in Manual Operation Mode the user can click on the AutoPlay button and if the new option is enabled the routing of all DJ Players is using the same Output as the currently playing DJ Player...this allows the user to take a break and ensures no faders on his external console needs to be touched...and when he returns from his break, he simply disables AutoPlay again and the routing is restored as before.

Various Bug-Fixes and Optimizations
E.g. the scrolling issue related to sorted views has for example be solved.
The UI performance with massive scheduler calendar entries has been increased significantly.
And many more...

Have a good start into 2016 !

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