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v4.0.2.4 - stable

Post by radio42 » 02 Nov 2016 21:11

Version is out!

What's New?
  • Multi-Region Advert/News support added
  • Remote Server Start in ProppFrexx GPIO bug-fix
  • Advert Library track caching bug-fix
  • News generation bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • beta
This version requires the latest .Net Framework 4.6.2 - you an download and install it here (if not already installed):
https://www.microsoft.com/download/deta ... x?id=53345
Supported OS versions are:
• Microsoft Windows® 7 SP1 (x64 or x86)
• Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
• Microsoft Windows® 8.1 (x64 or x86)
• Microsoft Windows® Server 2012 (x64)
• Microsoft Windows® Server 2012 R2 (x64)
• Microsoft Windows® 10 (x64 or x86)
• Microsoft Windows® Server 2016 64-bit

The major enhancement is of course the already promised multi-region advert and news support - which is also the reason (even if tested carefully) why this is (still) a beta! I know many of you have been waiting for this feature - so now it is about time to test it any give feedback.

Here is how Multi-Region Advert/News is working resp. how it needs to be configured:

A) Structure of the "Advert-Storage-Path":

Code: Select all

Root Folder         : the MAIN region folder
  ./filler                : the folder containing filler tracks (main region)
  ./log                   : the folder containing play out log files for billing/reconciliation (main region)
  ./news                  : the folder containing all news groups (main region)
  ./partners        : the folder containing all partners and its campaigns (main region)
  ./REGION_abc            : the sub-folder for region 'abc'
      ./filler               : the folder containing filler tracks for region 'abc'
      ./log                  : the folder containing play out log files for region 'abc'
      ./news                 : the folder containing all news groups for region 'abc'
      ./partners             : the folder containing all partners and its campaigns for region 'abc'
  ./REGION_xyz               : the sub-folder for region 'xyz'
New structure of the Advert-Storage-Path (here 'Reclame')
RegionSupportFolders.jpg (13.75 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
While the (already existing) root folder still contains the MAIN region, new sub-folders starting with 'REGION_' will be added for each additional region. The structure is fully backward compatible, i.e. in case you do not need to work with multiple regions, nothing will change.
Note1: Slots and SlotPackages are common for all regions.
Note2: There is no need to define the 'Ensure Length' option for the Slots in case of multiple regions, as the regional play-out always synchronize their playtime between all regions (see below).

In the following we will talk about one 'MAIN' or 'MASTER' ProppFrexx ONAIR instance and one or many 'REGION' or 'SLAVE' ProppFrexx ONAIR instances.
The 'MASTER' instance uses the general Program Scheduler and plays out all regular music and also schedules the 'MAIN' advert region.
The 'SLAVE' instances don't schedule or play any music by their self, they simply takeover the music from the MASTER, but they schedule their specific advert region.

Within the Advert & News Management application you will now find a new group of buttons to add or remove new Regions and to select the Region you want to edit:
New Region group in the Advert & News Management
RegionSupport.jpg (54.55 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
Partners and Campaigns, News and all reporting is then related to the currently selected Region. The context menu also contains new options to copy a Partner or a Campaign to other regions.

B) Setup:

B1) ALL Instances:
  • must use the Enterprise-Edition (to allow advert play-out)!
  • The 'TCP Control' must be enabled for all instances (see general settings, section GPIO/Remoting)
  • all instances must use the same 'Advertising Storage' path (see general settings, section Scripts/Scheduler)
  • the advert library must contain multiple regions and all regions must be configured accordingly (having partners and campaigns assigned)
  • all Regions (incl. MAIN) should have 'sufficient' filler tracks in its 'filler' sub-directory (see image above)
Note1: there is no user interface to maintain the filler tracks - just copy your filler tracks into the 'filler' sub-directory manually!
At best provide multiple filler tracks with various lengths, e.g. including 1 sec., 2 sec., 3 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., 15 sec., 20 sec., 30 sec.
Note2: Make sure, that all files used within your Advert & News Management are available and accessible from all your regional ProppFrexx ONAIR instances, e.g. use a global common network mapped drive or folder.
Select the appropriate Advert Region in your general settings for each instance
RegionSupport1.jpg (182.19 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
Enable 'TCP Control' in GPIO/Remoting
RegionSupport2.jpg (164.17 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
B2) MAIN/MASTER Instance:
  • should have separate mixer output channels for the main audio signal and the overlay output (see general settings, section Input/Output and Routing)
  • the main audio signal should be 'forwarded' to all SLAVEs (see below, e.g. the analog/wired way)
  • streaming might be done via a combined mixer output channel (the main and the overlay mixer signal can be send to this one)
  • Remote Clients (your region instances) must be configured in the Remote-Client-Manager (RCM, see Main mixer channel strip) - for each region add one remote client!
  • only the MASTER station triggers the SLAVEs (see RCM in the Main mixer channel strip)
  • Overlay and Advertising should be activated
  • must use Region "MAIN" (see general settings, section Scripts/Scheduler)
Audio Setup of Master and Slave
RegionSupportAudio.jpg (28.36 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
Use the Remote Control Manager (RCM) to add Remote Clients (your regional slaves)
RegionSupport3.jpg (61.78 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
Create a Remote Client (Slave) for each Region
RegionSupport4.jpg (90.38 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
B3) REGION/SLAVE Instance:
  • should receive the main audio signal e.g. via a separate mixer input channel (either the analog/wired way or via a low latency Audio-over-IP or digital virtual audio cable from the MASTER, see image above)
  • this incoming main signal might be output to a dedicated mixer output channel
  • the overlay output might go that same output mixer channel (see general settings, section Input/Output and Routing)
  • streaming might be done via this (combined) mixer output channel
  • Overlay and Advertising should be deactivated! (as it is triggered by the MASTER, see general settings, section Scripts/Scheduler)
  • No Program Scheduler (entries) are needed, the scheduler can be inactive
  • must use another Region (not 'MAIN', see general settings, section Scripts/Scheduler)

C) Playout:
  • The MASTER triggers the SLAVEs (to create their regional overlay players)
  • The MASTER plays the MAIN region, the SLAVEs play their configured region
  • All regions (incl. MAIN) synchronize their total playtime
  • Even if 'Ensure Length' is not set for a Slot, the largest overall playtime will be used
  • all other regions (even MAIN) will then use appropriate filler tracks to sync to that largest overall playtime (if needed, time-stretching up to +/- 8% is used on the filler tracks to adjust the playtime up to the exact second)
  • the sync only works perfectly, if you use a single audio track per campaign (or when using multiple campaign tracks, all should have the same length)

Not supported are overlay's:
- using the command type 'Input'
- using a StartType 'Manual'
- defined 'As Playlist Insert'

Have fun!

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