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Version is out!

What's New?
  • TrackInsert volume bug-fix
  • Random script-line mode optimized
  • new Overlay option SuppressMultiRegionTrigger
  • TimeUpdateSync now honor MixDelayTime
  • Initial NonScripting programs are now started
  • Streaming Server Update Port added
  • Embedded Overlay Entry now take over control-commands
  • TryEnsureExactLength Program Option optimized
  • New ResolveEmbeddedContainersWhenScheduled Program Option
  • Advert: News MaxAge expiration changed
  • Advert: Dynamic Overlay Assignment MaxPerHour added
  • New ResolveEmbeddedContainers Program Options added
  • PlaylistTemplateWizard ResolveOverlaysUseCurrentLength bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

new Overlay option SuppressMultiRegionTrigger
The option allows you to make exceptions for certain overlays. If set, the multi-region play out of that overlay will not be triggered to the connected region clients. I.e. overlays having this option set will play out as is only on the main play out. As the main audio signal is anyhow routed to all region clients, these overlays are also played as is on all regions.

TimeUpdateSync now honor MixDelayTime
So far a TimeUpdateSync was not using the general mixing parameter 'MixDelayTime' - now it does.

Initial NonScripting programs are now started
So far a non scripting program (e.g. a LineIn feed program) wasn't started when the scheduler was initially started - now it is.

Streaming Server Update Port added
The Streaming-Server configuration got an additional 'Update Port' number option to be used for Statistics and Song Title Updates. If set (>0) this Update Port is used (together with the Admin username and password) for Statistics and Song Title Updates. Else the default Port is used for Streaming as well as for Statistics and Song Title Updates.

Embedded Overlay Entry now take over control-commands
So far an embedded dynamic overlay container (i.e. as resolved from the overlay to a playlist) was not taking over the control-commands from the overlay scheduler entry to the related track control-commands - this is now happening. The mapping is the following:
overlay.CommandStopped -> player.OnTrackStopped
overlay.CommandPlayed -> player.OnTrackPlayed
overlay.CommandStopped -> player.OnTrackStopped

TryEnsureExactLength Program Option optimized
The logic how the final tracks of a program are picked (in case the TryEnsureExactLength option is set) has been optimized.
Now the 'largest' and the 'smallest' playtime of the related media selection are used in conjunction with the remaining target playtime is evaluated. In case the remaining target playtime is smaller than the smallest entry resp. larger than the largest entry; and in order to give more (random) variations of the selected last track(s) we now pick a random track from the first resp. the last third of the related media selection - instead of always picking the smallest resp. largest track.

New ResolveEmbeddedContainersWhenScheduled Program Option
In case you have selected to resolve overlays as embedded (dynamic) containers (e.g. via the ResolveAllOverlaysAsEmbeddedContainers option, or during Remote Voice Tracking, or during the Playlist Template creation) you might now also specify this program scheduler entry option in order to further resolve such an embedded (dynamic) containers to a real media collection container.
If set, any embedded container will be resolved whenever the program is finally scheduled. This allows to you to actually 'see' the resolved container entries. But also prevents the system from allowing last minute changes to such an embedded container.
E.g. a dynamic overlay container referencing an advert slot would take all changed to the adverts into account up until this playlist entry is loaded to the DJ Player. With this option, the dynamic overlay container would already be resolved when added to/loaded by the playlist.

Advert: Dynamic Overlay Assignment MaxPerHour added
This new parameter allows you to specify, that for dynamic overlay assignments only this maximum number of assignments are made per hour. E.g. when you want to create 24 advert play outs per day, you might now use this option to further specify, that only 1 maximum play out per hour is allowed.

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