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MIDI-support needed!

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 13:18
by Joche
Hi folks,
I hope that someone can assist in this matter.
I have a Launch Control XL DAW-contoler that I use to control ProppFrexx. The Control has a function that allows it to flash LED:s for certain events triggered by ProppFrexx (i.e showing if a song is ending).
My problem is that I need to send a command to the Launch Control from ProppFrexx to turn on enable the flashing feature.
In the programmers guide ( ... -guide.pdf) it says:
Alternatively, chosen LEDs can be made to flash. To turn on automatic flashing, which lets Launch
Control XL use its own flashing speed, send:
Hex version Bnh, 00h, 28h
Dec version 176+n, 0, 40
Could anyone please advice how I do this with PF. I understand that I need to do it in Events > Applications but what kind of command should I use?

Re: MIDI-support needed!

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 13:45
by radio42
The command to use is EXEC_SEND_MIDI_SHORTMSG
EXEC_SEND_MIDI_SHORTMSG status|channel|data1|data2
In your case that might be:
EXEC_SEND_MIDI_SHORTMSG 0xB0|0x00|0x00|0x28
(note, that the channel number is the 'n' as in your launch pad docs)!

However to control the LEDs via System Exclusive Messages you might also use the EXEC_SEND_MIDI_SYSEXMSG command.