Lua Mini-Filter for Telos

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Lua Mini-Filter for Telos

Post by radio42 » 20 Feb 2015 21:37


please find attached a Mini-Filter for the Telos ProSTREAM X/2 and ProSTREAM 9X/2.

From within ProppFrexx you can use the EXEC_SEND_TCP control-command to send the metadata to the Telos server.
At best you use the ‘Streaming.OnSongTitle’ event (see general settings, section ‘Events/Commands’)
The full command has the format:
EXEC_SEND_TCP host:port|songtitle
EXEC_SEND_TCP|${artist} - ${title}
Lua Mini-Filter for ProSTREAM X/2 and ProSTREAM 9X/2
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