w7-64 Mic Out Stutter?

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w7-64 Mic Out Stutter?

Post by Adger » 21 Jul 2012 22:00

I finally got hands onto something to cause me even more expensive headaches than ever: A dedicated soundcard. As some might have guessed allready: I decided to get me a Maya XTe from ESI. Soundcard is great and everything, but - and that's giving me a hard time - when ever I try to use a mic with that soundcard for streaming, mic starts stuttering. This effect is true not only for PFOA but also for Skype and other software channeling the mic into some online-whatever. Anybody got any idea? Re-installing windows did not help. Latest drivers: yes. Energy-guidelines: done all that to no avail. Cool & Quiet: same. Try all PCIe-ports: Yup, did - no, did not help. Strange thing is: I never get these problems when using the onboard realtek soundcard. Local recording with the Maya (to file) works like charm (and quality is outstanding). Now for the increased "wait-wat?"-factor: Stuttering occures infrequently and inconsistently, but if it stutters, it stutters from beginning of usage and usually only reboot helps.... usually. Sometimes some fiddling in the audio-related control-panels helps, but rebooting is faster. Oh, and the stuttering would not start half time during a set or whatever online-service is in use. Either audio fails from the beginning on - or it works flawlessly start to stop. But it is inpredictable what would trigger stuttering.

Any ideas?

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