Question about downmix

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Question about downmix

Post by Bumperke » 26 Jan 2017 10:49

One of out collegues made a program and voicetracked the talking. Is there a possibility to make a MP3? We use Professional.
How he worked.
He first made a playlist in new.
Then used the VTtool and recorded all spoken info.
Saved as playlist.
Wants to make an MP3. How to do that?
The've tryed several options. Donwmix or convert to? Or are either not availible?

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Re: Question about downmix

Post by radio42 » 26 Jan 2017 21:46

When your playlist is completely voice tracked, contains all tracks etc. etc.

You do the following in order to create a complete downmix of the entire:
a) select ALL tracks (e.g. press CTRL+A)
b) right-click somewhere within the playlist and select: 'Selection -> Downmix -> Save as MP3'
c) in the upcomming dialog specify a filename and other options and press OK

That's it.

(in case you are using UAC, your user profile must contain the 'AllowConvertTracks' right)

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