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Re: fade (mix) after overlay to playlist

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 09:02
by radio42
See my answers above. Without knowing your settings I cannot know.
Also, why don’t you put your questions to the Q&A topic, as this topics here are not really intended for specific questions. You need to register as a user in order to see all topics!

Also provide your last track of your overlay to look at this one!

Re: fade (mix) after overlay to playlist

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 10:35
by radio42
In your sound example it also seems, that you are playing music with an overlay?
Can you please also post what exactly you are playing via an overlay scheduler - e.g. provide the screenshot of the overlay entry as well as probably the full playlist which you have scheduled.
From the sound snippet it sounds like the music stops pre-maturely all of a sudden...which is definitly not normal.

As said above you must probably adjust our Mix Out option of the overlay.
Note, that ONLY a negative 'Mix Out' value does a fade-out of the overlay - any other Mix Out value lets the overlay play out til its end.
So try a Mix Out value of e.g. -5000 in your case to perform a cross-fade.