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Simple log file viewer

Posted: 15 Mar 2014 21:03
by hdradio
I 'd like to share with other users a very simple tool I created to read a custom log file pf can create.
I needed a simple way of finding what was on air a specific time without having to search inside the log files.

What I did is:
In Events/Commands Streaming I added the following command at OnSongTitleChange:

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Parameter: d:\pflog\${yyyy}${MM}${dd}.log|au|${now};${filenameandpath}${CRLF}
You can change the d:\pflog\ with the folder you wish to save the log files.
You can also change the variable ${filenameandpath} with any variable you wish.
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Right click on the tool screen to set the path of the log files.

2014-09-18 v1.0.2.3
Rewrote some parts of the code and fixed a small bug.

2014-05-30 v1.0.1.1
Replaced listbox with memo
Added option to go to last line after refresh
Form width and position are now saved.
Additional options are saved too.

2014-05-29 v1.0.0.0
Option to change theme. (right click on the top panel)
Option to save list to text file (right click into the list)