Network Streaming Server "Feature"

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Network Streaming Server "Feature"

Post by Jhary » 28 May 2012 21:04

Network streaming server settings allow to "Force Update" the mp3-Info.

Yeah, great. It was somewhat unfunny when someone complained my tags were overwriting their stream data even though the server was not started/active.

Is this a "feature" or what i consider it - a real, serious bug?

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Re: Network Streaming Server "Feature"

Post by radio42 » 28 May 2012 23:52

This is a feature!
Some stations use ProppFrexx for playout only, but use an external app for streaming.
As such ProppFrexx should be able to update a streaming server's song title even when the configured server is inactive.

So in sour case you should deactivate the 'Force Update' option, which is also the default - or in other words, only deactivate it, if you want the described behavior.

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