FTEs versus manual adding of tracks

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Re: FTEs versus manual adding of tracks

Post by radio42 » 11 Jun 2012 19:06

Yes, that is correct.
Note the following logic:
When a 'Program' is started via the scheduler, the related 'Script' is assigned to the Playlist window.
Form now on the Playlist window 'asks' the 'Script' whenever it needs new Tracks.
The Playlist window needs new Tracks, whenever its remaining (non-played) Tracks are less than the general 'Look Ahead' value.
E.g. if you set the 'Look Ahead' value to 3, this means, that there should be at least 3 'free', 'unplayed' Tracks.
So once a Tracks is played, the Playlist Window checks, if it needs new Tracks based on that logic.
If yes, it 'asks' the Script to provide new Tracks.
And only at this point FTEs are evaluated for scheduling as well.

This means, if you add a lot of Tracks manually to the Playlist - the Playlist doesn't need to 'ask' for new Tracks for that time.
Unless these Tracks have been played and the 'Look Ahead' value is not satisfied anylonger - then new Tracks are again gathered from the Script (incl. FTEs).

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