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Overlay load not happen

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 08:14
by vytaut11
After latest Proppfrexx OnAir update overlay blocks don't loaded to playlist in OnAir. Here some pictures about situation. In overlay calendar very often is "Show second in advance" reset to "0" instead it must be "300" from the beginning (as it is on script). And impact is that any those overlay will not loaded and played in OnAir. BUG?
Second problem is that if I take a look for upcoming overlays in OnAir, it loads next overlay blocks to the end of current song immediately not caring about actual starttime given in overlay calender. BUG?
It is terribly annoying doing radio and playing automated playlist is disturbed.

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 08:14
by radio42
Okay, lets reset...

I now assume you have set the 'AsPlaylistInsert' option for the respective Overlay Scheduler entry?!
Is this correct? As from all your previous posts I cannot tell!?

As said, a look to the Overlay log file would tell us why an overlay was dismissed.
See above, I told you where to find it... you might maybe past the related log entries for the not started overlays here.
That would be very helpful...

In you video you have shown, that you sometimes use the 'Upcomings Overlays' popup window...?!
There you are using the 'Start Overlay Now!' option.
This option so far always started the overlay 'now' (as the option suggests) and does not resolve it to its original start time.
This has never really changed - not even since 2 years.

The 'Show in Advance' is ALWAYS cleared, when an overlay was either triggered automatically by the scheduler or manually started.
If it is still shown, it was never triggered - e.g. ProppFrexx was not running at that time...
It also depends, if you are editing a single overlay entry occurrence or the entire series.

2 year time span is however a very long time and many many things have changed since then ;-)
So when exactly did this issue start and what exact change was made at that time - or did you just switched to another version since 2 years?

As you can see from what you are writing I can only guess many things, that's why it is so important to be as detailed as possible.
Only this might allow me to not misunderstand you and find a possible solution.

So to resolve your main issue with the not 'playing' overlays, please see the overlay log as suggested in my very first post... but you so far never did that...

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 08:32
by radio42
When an overlay was once executed its 'Show in advance time' is set to 0. This prevents it from being executed again a 2nd time.
So when you see this value being 0 this means the overlay was already executed!
If it was not played effectively please take a look to the Overlay log file to see why. Maybe it was cancelled by a user request.
This this might not be a bug.

The seconds issue you describe is not clear to me. What option did you pick from 'Upcomming Overlay' window. If you select to play it now, it of course doesn't take its original StartTime into account, as this popular window is effectively there in order to overrule its official time and play a selected Overlay Ad-hoc resp. Now.
So I guess this is also not a bug.

I am also not sure what you mean by 'playing automated playlists is disturbed'. It is not ProppFrexx planning your Overlays its you ;-)
If you don't want to play Overlays during an automated playlist either set a Condition or don't plan them at this time.

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 18 Mar 2017 20:28
by RadioMaxDK
Where is the Overlay log located? It could be useful to inspect, when you're trying to get everything right...

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 18 Mar 2017 21:11
by radio42
See the Tools ribbon tab. It contains a 'Show Log Files' button, which open a pop up window from which you can see all log files...

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 19 Mar 2017 12:46
by vytaut11
Now I have some pictures about this situation. Shortly; I have scheduler for announcements and advertisement example 18:45
There it seems all right. Loading is set to 900sec before starting time. Problem is that randomly all schedul's will not loaded (both anounc. and ads.). After missing loading and starting/executing this on time in the scheduler "show second in advance" is "0"
Second problem I described can you see on next video; time is 18:53 and I want to load overlay 19:08. Next song is Alannah Miles - Black Velvet. If I load this overlay, it jumps directly to playlist as next item and removes A. Miles song Black Velvet instead to jump estimated place in playlist nearest to 19:08. ... 8.MOV?dl=0
We have no such a problems running this soft in two last years. We have this problems after doing latest software upgrades. Hopefully this pictures and videos explains better instead just writing.

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 19 Mar 2017 13:13
by radio42
For your screenshots all looks fine!
You have scheduled an embedded Overlay Container to your playlist (see your movie link, currently loaded into Player A).
Whenever an embedded Overlay Container is used in a playlist, this means, that NO other Overlay is further automatically used from the Overlay Scheduler.
This is a global policy to prevent duplicate or mixed playouts.
I.e. either schedule and play ALL overlays through the Overlays Player OR resolve and play all overlays through the playlist.
You cannot mix both modes!

As explained above, once an overlays scheduler entry was triggered (no matter if played or missed) its 'Show in Advance' time is reset to 0.
All works as designed.

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 19 Mar 2017 16:53
by vytaut11
Ok, I think our discussion missmatch. Let's talk for starting again only about first problem; I have scheduled adds. or anounc. blocks in " Calendar". Goal is: they should appear to playlist automaticaly "softly" 300sec or 900sec before actual executing time. 2 years it works without any problem. Now happens this randomly; sometimes adds or announc. block will be loaded to playlist and played and sometime not - why?
For us is this serious problem and is important to find reason whether is it bug or configuration question.

About you're comment: "once an overlays scheduler entry was triggered (no matter if played or missed) its 'Show in Advance' time is reset to 0." It's not true; here picture where adds are played and 'Show in Advance' is still 300sec and it's so with any played adds, or announs. block. To 0 it will be reset only in missed blocks.

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 06:52
by radio42
Did you find the Overlay log?

Re: Overlay load not happen

Posted: 23 Apr 2017 19:41
by ferryvh
Hi Bernd,

Are there any changes after version v4.0.3.20 that can make the overlay's not work anymore?

In the last 2 beta's that are available the overlay only play's the open and closer jingles but not the news in between.

If i go back to v4.0.3.20 it works fine.

If you want, you may take a look with teamviewer.