Metadata not written to file

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Luka C
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Metadata not written to file

Post by Luka C » 30 Apr 2019 11:26


Metadata tags are not written to certain MP3 and WAV files from within ProppFrexx applications - both OnAir v3, OnAir v4, Medatada Editor v3 and Tagger v4 in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants - and we can not determine what type of file/data error causes this behaviour.

Users either enter metadata in the TAG Editor window, press "Save Metadata Tags" and "Save" again or the PFL-Player to set event data and close it after clicking "Save Metadata TAG". When "(Re)Read Medatata TAGs" is invoked, newly set cue points disappear. The file modification date is also not updated. External applications, such as Kid3, are able to modify tags.

The following did not solve the issue for the test .mp3 file:
  • re-encoding files to another format within ProppFrexx OnAir (clicking Selection > Convert To ... in the playlist context menu)
  • removing non-standard tag frames and ID3v1 tags and preferring ID3v2
  • removing unsupported or incomplete data streams with MP3 Diags
Which metadata read/write library is used? Does BASS handle this? If we knew that, we could run the library on a larger test pool of files from our library.
Multiple threads (here and here) show that this library is rather "picky". Can you test the file for us and tell us how to repair it?

Example Affected File: hd 35534.mp3 [1,5 MB]

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Re: Metadata not written to file

Post by radio42 » 30 Apr 2019 16:22

I just tried your example file here and I am actually perfectly able to change the meta data and save it.
You can find your modified file here: ... sp=sharing
(I basically added a (BN was here) text to most values)

So I am not sure, what is going wrong on your side.
I have a few possible ideas:
a) you have enabled the 'MetaData has Priority' option in the general settings and have the 'Use MetaData Files (.pfmd)' option enabled
b) you have still an older .pfmd file in your folder?
c) your folder or audio file is write protected?
d) your have enabled the 'Never Save anything to Audio Files' options enabled?

To your other questions:
Not only the library is picky, but I am too, as writing false or incorrect meta data might corrupt the audio file - which I try to avoid.
In the core of it I am using TagLib# (

Please note, that you should always use the latest v4 - not sure what exact version you are running.
v3 is out of support and is no longer supported.

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