Playlist freeze after a 2h overlay

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Re: Playlist freeze after a 2h overlay

Post by fred48fm » 06 Sep 2019 21:53

That's the hard part of our config...
We have a lot of users, so the end-user interface is highly limited and automated. Users don't have any direct control of proppfrexx, all is controled by a streamdeck controler.

So every show have his custom "start show" button trigerring different commands

In this config, the PLS_CURRENT_AUTOPLAY_OFF looks mandatory, otherway the playlist will still progress in background.
In addition, to auto-stop any playlist autoloading in background (if the current live show finish later than the scheduled playlist), there are other command setting back the PLS_CURRENT_AUTOPLAY_OFF (by checking the fader position of the play channel is 0 or not in the ontrackplay event).

That's the same reason why we use overlays for some prerecorded show. In this way, the show is broadcasted exactly when the current live show end even if the current show is 30min later than expected.

The MIXER_INPUT_ON_ON PLAY and PLS_CURRENT_AUTOPLAY_ON are triggered along other commands when the user press the stop live show button or if the onsilence commands are triggered.

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