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Posted: 30 May 2020 09:36
by Djharzerroller
I have a problem, I can open the clock and mixer. But neither Find, Explorer, Cartwall or Stream Monitor can be opened
I compared all settings with the 2nd PC and everything is identical
Please help ne

Re: Problem

Posted: 30 May 2020 10:45
by radio42
Then you probably moved your other windows to a hidden location or a like.
To completely reset your layout do the following:
- close ProppFrexx
- Go to the ProppFrexx AppUserData folder (%appdata%\radio42\ProppFrexx ONIAR\4.0)
- Delete the file called "ProppFrexx ONAIR.layout"
- Restart ProppFrexx

Alternatively you can also reset your layout in the general settings, section Look And Feel (which also only takes effect the next time you re/start ProppFrexx)

Re: Problem

Posted: 31 May 2020 09:59
by Djharzerroller
Danke für die Antwort irgendwie hatte sich das Problem, dann von allein gelöst 🤷‍♂️

Re: Problem

Posted: 31 May 2020 11:46
by radio42
Good to hear, that the 'problem' was solved by itself - whatever that means?!