Missing Player Functions

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Missing Player Functions

Post by MusicRadio1 »

I've just installed the latest version on a new, Windows 10 machine.
Spacebar quick monitor function doesn't work. The track loads but can't be played.
Double click for PFL player loads the player pop-up and the waveform, but doesn't play.
Segue editor loads the tracks, but impossible to play.
Autoplay plays fine!
Thanks for your help fixing this.

Sean in Switzerland
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Re: Missing Player Functions

Post by radio42 »

What you describe sounds, that your mixer and device settings are NOT correct and be broken!
Probably because of the Win10 install, which might change all your sound driver settings!
Either go to the general settings and adjust the config for ALL your mixer channels!
Or close ProppFrexx and delete the file Default.mixer in your ProppFrexx AppUserData folder to reset your old mixer settings and start from the beginning with the mixer setup!

As such, this is no bug, but a configuration issue, as you cannot take over the mixer settings from any other machine!

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