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Global Logging of Fix Time Element

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 17:24
by TPSchultz
This is a really minor issue, but one that I stumbled across while trying to learn the system.

I have a script with a top-of-the-hour StationID Fix Time Element. I am using LoadTrack mode and pointing to the MP3 file which is properly tagged as a StationID. I am trying to exclude the StationID from the Global Song History log, but it keeps getting added. I have the SuppressGlobalLogging exclusion set in the Options for the FTE and I also have the Type defined as a StationID, even though the file is tagged and shows up as such in the playlist without doing this extra step. I also have the StationID exclusion set for the Global Song History in the Logging/History panel of the Settings and Options menu.

Further experimentation shows that if I load the audio track from the Cartwall, the desired behavior seems to work properly (i.e., it doesn't show up in the Global Song History log).

In summary, I can't seem to stop Proppfrexx from globally logging the StationID when using LoadTrack mode.

Is this a very minor bug?

Re: Global Logging of Fix Time Element

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 18:33
by radio42
Global Logging and the exclusion from the Global Song History are two different things!
So I guess you are mixing up things here?!

Global Logging writes an entry to the global log file, see the general settings, section Logging.

The Global Song History is something different and even uses different options, eg. SuppressHistoryCheck and SuppressAddHistory.

So I assume the mistake is simply by using the wrong options.
As such, I guess we do not have any bugs here.

Re: Global Logging of Fix Time Element

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 20:48
by TPSchultz
Thank you for the quick reply.

You are absolutely correct; I am confusing Global Song History with Global Logging. Changing the FTE option to SuppressAddHistory corrected what I was seeing. I also was misunderstanding how the Exclude options work in the logging settings and when they get used; that's why I am trying to learn how all of these features work. I'm actually glad this wasn't a bug.

Thanks again.