Voicetracking and using of

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Voicetracking and using of

Post by Farbo » 14 Apr 2012 10:24

Use 2 state fade/stop does not work while recording a voicetrack. If I set to use it as 2 state button and click on it, no fading is performed, when I click on it again track is simply stopped without fading.

Also play/stop buttong in CT and NT is not working. It only can start the track but it does not stop it when click on it while track is playing. Only right click is working, normal left click with fading is not working. For play/pause everything is working fine, only play/stop button is not workng as it supposed to be.

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Re: Voicetracking and using of

Post by radio42 » 14 Apr 2012 12:44

The buttons are actually working as by design. Its maybe just a little misunderstanding.

a) The 2 state Fade/Stop button doesn't actually perform any fading in real time at that moment (since this wouldn't be possible at that time, see below for the explanation why).
However, the Fade/Stop button 'just' set the respective cue-points within the current track, meaning it sets the FadeOut resp. the CueOut cue-points.
When using this button (with the 1st click) the related CueOut cue-point isn't know at that time (as it would be set only by the 2nd click) - as such the VT can not perform an immediate fade-out operation at that time in real-time, since it simply doesn't know the CueOut cue-point yet.

b) Yes, the Stop button in the CT/NT players are not working in the VT, since they also would 'eject' the track - which should of course be prevented when doing your VoiceTracking. I might take a look to simply fade-out an pause instead in the next version.

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