control command from a single track in specific playlist

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control command from a single track in specific playlist

Post by moogwill » 11 Apr 2017 19:04

As everybody knows, interactivity and social medias are definitely part of the radio production workflow. To get more "live feel" on social medias, I Can Imagine that, while you're recording some VT in a specific playlist you can manage your VTfile, or a specific track from this particular playlist, to generate an email or a text file to update a website, or any other interactive social media.
For example, You record a voice track about a specific subject and you can post to twitter the link or some more datas (using ifttt or tweety mail) by a simple send mail command at the exact time this VT will be on air.
I know how to do it, on a systematic way from a specific file, with an included permanent associated data or tag.
But this request would be a "one shot" datas sent.


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Re: control command from a single track in specific playlist

Post by radio42 » 11 Apr 2017 22:39

You can already today associate control-commands to a track to be triggered once it is effectively played.
Right-Click on the track in the playlist and select "Track Settings -> Track Control-Commands Events..."
In the upcoming dialog you can e.g. specify a command for the 'On Track Played' event, which is then triggered when the track is effectively played out.

You might also even assign commands to a certain playback position, e.g. open the track in the PFL Editor.
Position the cue marker to the position where you want to add a command and then right-click on the WaveForm and select "Events -> Add Execute Command Event..."

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