Allow to play a track from a certain time...

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Allow to play a track from a certain time...

Post by RadioMaxDK » 06 Sep 2017 15:20

Perhaps there is a way to this already and perhaps we are simply not aware of Propfrex' many possiblilites - but we have a request - or need an option to do the following.....

Quite often we aren't allowed to play a new song until a specific date and / or at a certain time. E.g. - we receive a new single with Robbie Williams and we know we want to play it when we are allowed. The single is not allowed get on air before 1st October 11:39 AM. How do we do this? When we're allowed to play a song from midnight it is not a problem: We choose in the tag editor, that the track can not be played today and tomorrow, then it will be played from Friday at 00:00AM

Here's how (in another system) we easy could choose how to play a song from Friday at 11:00 until forever
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Re: Allow to play a track from a certain time...

Post by radio42 » 06 Sep 2017 18:19

When you open the TAG Editor for a certain tarck, go to the 'Other' tab, and you'll find a so called 'Scripting Restriction' specific to that track.
The following scripting restriction attributes are availbale (which are applied automatically to a script-line processing):
- Time of Day Restriction: TimeStart and TimeEnd
- Day of Week Restriction: Mon … Sun flags
- Month of Year Restriction: Jan … Dec flags
- Date Restriction: DateStart and DateEnd
- Don't Repeat in X days
Note: The restrictions (if set) define, when the track should NOT be scheduled/played. These are only in effect for the ProppFrexx scripting, but not used elsewhere.

In addition you can assign so called 'RuleSets...'.
A RuleSet is a list of 'allowance' conditions. Each condition consists of an optional:
- a TimeStart (if 00:00:00 it's not active)
- a TimeEnd (if 00:00:00 it's not active)
- a selection of Week Days
- a selection of Months
- a DateStart (if 00.00.0001 it's not active)
- a DateEnd (if 00.00.0001 it's not active)
- a flag, if the date range should be repeated (the year will then be ignored)

As such, you might define any number of RuleSets - identified by a unique name.
Examples might be: 'Week PeakTime', 'Weekend', 'X-Mas Time' etc.
Note, that the conditions are positive allowance! Meaning the conditions define when it is allowed to play a track!

The RuleSets can be assigned to a single track - the the TAG Editor's 'Other' tab!
A single track can get multiple RuleSets assigned, e.g. 'Week PeakTime' and 'Weekend'.
If one or more RuleSets are assigned to a track, they are automatically be checked during scripting.

Thus, in contracts to the above mentioned restrictions, they allow you to define positive matching day parting rules.

... as with every restriction or check, be aware, that non-matching tracks might 'break' your script.
So make sure, that you still have sufficient 'matching' tracks in your media library.
If a certain script is executed on the weekend, and it wants to execute a certain script-line which accesses a media lib, which mostly or only contains tracks having a week only rule set; this might lead to 'skipping' those script-line ;-)

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Re: Allow to play a track from a certain time...

Post by RadioMaxDK » 07 Sep 2017 21:06

Wow, that was a long list of things to do, instead of just entering start and end time. But I guess that this has a lot more possibilities. I will check it out :idea:

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