CasparCG & PF

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Re: CasparCG & PF

Post by radio42 » 10 Dec 2017 13:39

Well, it seems, that the current GPIO issue they have is due to an issue in their network. As it works perfectly fine for any other users.
Well, and mix issues are also not known to me, but probably they have already been solved for a long time.

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Re: CasparCG & PF

Post by percramer » 11 Dec 2017 16:15

Well Dennis i am curious what setup you are using then, since you say that audio and videoclips are perfectly in sync. I have been in the radio world for quite some time now and there are 3 programs i know that do this. One from america, the other one is the former vidigo + omniplayer combination and the 3th is ours. But there is always something new to learn, so like i said, i am curious!

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