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Voice tracking defaults

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 13:00
by kje27228
I think it would be useful to have the ability to set the default settings for a voice tracking session, or at the very least have more that is remembered across sessions. For example, it makes more sense for me to have the media type be something other than the instant recording default of Announcement, as well as remembering the recording options and perhaps change the file name format to be scheduled date/time in the generated playlist template playlist (though I'm not sure if there's a macro for that or not). It's small things I've noticed that I am doing every single time I open the dialog and I thought it might be possible to make that workflow slightly more efficient/less repetitive.

I suppose this could be expanded to cover instant recording though I think the two should be separate.

Re: Voice tracking defaults

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 13:44
by radio42
I will take a look.

Re: Voice tracking defaults

Posted: 01 May 2018 21:59
by radio42
I have provided a new v4.0.4.24-beta (so "Check for Beta-Versions...") which adds a few more options, eg. it remembers the last selected MediaEntryType. Also take a look to the UserSettings dialog, where you can now specify the filename pattern using macros.