Software to make Sign buttons on Screen!

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Software to make Sign buttons on Screen!

Post by Frank1977 » 03 Jul 2019 13:07

HI ,

I was wondering is it possible to make a software that can work with the gpio client software to make Sign buttons like "telephone ringing" "Mic live" or "Mic Onair" and Cough buttons on a screen in the future? I use a velleman k8055 to trigger some lights and I use the gpio client and it's working very well! so I came to this solution.

Here are some examples and a manual what a found on internet: ... -guide.pdf

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Re: Software to make Sign buttons on Screen!

Post by radio42 » 03 Jul 2019 14:24

Of. Kurse this is possible - even today!
The TCP API as well as the GPIO interface is open and available. In addition you might use any other available interface as the OSC API etc.
so you can build such software already today without problems.

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