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Interface customization

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 11:16
by fred48fm

After some use, the following points could be usefull.
Do you think any of these can be possible ?

- Playlist column renaming

- Mixer Input/output color labelling : We can change the border, but defining the text label background color could be more usefull.

- Translation : Some collaborative users translations could be really usefull.

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Re: Interface customization

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 15:03
by radio42
I am afraid non of the above is today possible, but I don’t really get the background.

Why would you want to rename playlist columns?!
The mixer colors are customizable, but just not the name, as these colors might be changed by the system, if a channel gets disabled, or is in rev mode ... so you would need to define many colors, which I don’t really support yet.
Not sure what you mean by collaborative users transitions? If you mean languages this is also not planned, as the effort is higher than its value.

Re: Interface customization

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 15:56
by fred48fm
Thank you for the answer.

1- Column name

In our country, we have specific legal regulations (play percentage of french speaking music and specific percentage of national artists), we use "grouping" and "comment" fields to store and process this data. To make this information more easy to spot in playlist, renaming the column could be nice for users to understand the information..

2- Colors

I understand you have already background colors used for system status (record, off, ...), so, no problem, forget it. :-)

3- Collaborative translations

I clearly understand the time needed to code this is to heavy.
That could just be really usefull for broadcaster where users don't speak english enough to manage the program.
By collaborative, i mean users translate your language file in their own and share with the others.

Best regards

Re: Interface customization

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 17:03
by radio42
As said, currently not planned.
But I put this on the wish list.