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Remote Control Monitor

Posted: 13 Oct 2013 03:55
by Dolkis
Hello man!

I have a nice thing that you can have a look at.

we can know, start, stop, pause a track, but we cant do a "takeover"

If I using Modstream PF, connecting upp to.

Then Im going in to the master control monitor, clicking on "take over" when the current track ending its sends a message to my PF (Were the track have the "next" inplantet), and the track in deck A will start to play. In this way we can use a takeover, without any problem.

This will be much easier then taking over in a middle of a song.

I hope you understand, its so hard to explain in English haha!

Re: Remote Control Monitor

Posted: 11 Jun 2014 10:33
by Andreas Duswald
This is a very nice Idea and would be very good with my wish together:

Think more and more PF-Radiomakers would be happy to have such a remote standalone Tool


Warm greetings from Hot Bavaria .... *swet ...35 c ... : Andy