American Audio 14MXR mixer

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American Audio 14MXR mixer

Post by friso » 05 Jan 2018 09:38


I am trying to connect this mixer to proppfrexx.
This mixer communicates thrue USB in MIDI protocol.

I have managed to get start buttons and cue buttons working, an also volume faders on the mixer are working correct.

Now the mixer has ofcourse pfl buttons above the faders, and when i push dose i don't get sound on the headphone.
The only way to get souns is when i open the fader of that channel, but then it is also on the master output.
Is there a way in proppfrexx to achieve this audio routing correctly?

I have contacted American Audio for this issue, but they say that it has to be done in proppfrexx.



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Re: American Audio 14MXR mixer

Post by radio42 » 05 Jan 2018 12:50

I don't know this mixer nor do I know what happens internally in the mixer when you press the PFL button.
When American Audio says "...that it has to be done in ProppFrexx..." - may be you/they can let me know "what exactly has to be done in ProppFrexx"??

You can control almost anything via the control-commands. So I believe we can find a solution, but I need to know a few more details about your setup and the internals of the mixer.

To where have you connected your headphone - is it the headphone jack of the 14MXR?
If yes, I would assume, that the mixer should route the channel signal automatically to that headphone jack?
If it does not - please ask American Audio on how to do this, as I cannot find anything different in their manual?

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Re: American Audio 14MXR mixer

Post by moogwill » 12 Jan 2018 09:12


I just had a quick look to the manual of this mixer, it seems when switching to controller mode you need to route usb 1&2 to the audio mixer channels and usb 3&4 to headphones section.

with this mode you have 2 dedicated outputs for pfl and two for the main mix.

you always gonna have an issue because it seems there's no midi implementation of mixers pfl switches.
That means you gonna have to use a dedicated controller or mouse click to open the Proppfrexx PFL players.
or maybe use some of the cues buttons on the side to do that.

If you choose this last option it's probably a better way to manage PFL.

>> use for example the integrated computer's soundcard connected to dedicated computer speakers to route proppfrexx PFL out.
>> use a midi instruction of a cue button to open a specific player pfl and then you will hear the pfl sound from the computers speakers, at the same time you're still hearing the main program from the mixer.

that means in normal mixer mode (I assume midi is still transmitting from this mode) you can use proppfrexx with 4 dedicated players and a pfl section.

If this is a radio setup that's probably what I'd do.

use 2 usbs outs only for PFL is a waste of the main possibilties.

Hope it helps,

Update: I forgot to mention that you can also use a 3 players option and use the last availble usb out for PFL. with this solution you can get the pfl in the headphones by using the mixer pfl button of this 4th usb out.

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