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Initial Output Volume not saved

Posted: 18 Dec 2014 15:45
by Farbo
Hi Bernd.

I set initial output volume for PFL player to -12dB but when I shut down and start ProppFrexx, the volume for this player is at 0dB and not at -12dB as it should be. Even if I manually change volume it should be reloaded at -12dB after restart. Right?

Thank you.

Re: Initial Output Volume not saved

Posted: 18 Dec 2014 21:23
by radio42
Here it is saved and restored. Please describe how you are testing things!

I did it as followed:
a) General settings, section 'Player Settings', click on the 'Initial Output Volume...' button
b) change the 'PFL Player Volume' value to e.g. -12,00 dB and click OK
c) Exit ProppFrexx and restart
d) open the dialog as in a)
e) the 'PFL Player Volume' value is set to -12,00 dB !
As an additional check:
f) open the PFL Player for any sample track
g) click on the Peak-Level-Meter of the PFL Player to open its volume control
h) the volume fader is set to -12,00 dB as well !

So how are you testing things?
How did you change the 'Initial Output Volume'?

Re: Initial Output Volume not saved

Posted: 19 Dec 2014 15:11
by Farbo
I manually change PFL output level on PFL mixer channel for example to 0dB and after restart of PF I thought the level for PFL channel would be -12dB but it stayed at 0dB (which was the level when shutting down PF). Or am I wrong, shouldn´t it be -12dB as set in settings for initial output level?

Re: Initial Output Volume not saved

Posted: 19 Dec 2014 15:25
by radio42
Yes you are wrong - these are totally different things!

a) Initial (Player) Output Volume - as described above in my post:
These are the initial player volumes and DO NOT reflect any mixer channel volume.
The initial player volume might be used to adjust the volume of the individual players initially.

b) Mixer Channel Volume:
The last settings of the mixer channel are always saved and restored.
The name of a mixer channel is NOT related to any player. Nor is the initial volume of any player related to any mixer channel.
E.g. when you close PF and had a certain mixer channel volume set to a certain value (fader) - it will be restored as this when you restart ProppFrexx.

If you want to (re)set the volume (fader) of a certain mixer channel everytime you start ProppFrexx, you might use the global system event "Application.OnStartup" and use the "MIXER_OUTPUT_VOLUME_SET PFL|0.5" command with it.

Re: Initial Output Volume not saved

Posted: 20 Dec 2014 09:57
by Farbo
I get it. Thank you. :-)