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Track-insert and cue-points disappears

Posted: 21 Sep 2016 22:44
by ExIT_FM
Hi Bernd,

I've a strange problem. I try to add a track-insert to a track, and when I try to set the time of it, everything looks ok, after that I clicked on the Save Metadata Tag button and I closed the PFL player and when I add the song to the playlist, there's no cue point and no track-insert in it. The track isn't read only, and not opened in other app.


Here's my "What Metadata to save" settings:
pf_bug1.png (6.06 KiB) Viewed 2642 times

Re: Track-insert and cue-points disappears

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 08:25
by radio42
I just made some tests here, but I can not reproduce the issue!
All Track-Inserts, CuePoints etc. are saved as expected here in all my tests.

Do you maybe have enabled the "Never Save anything to Audio Files" option in the general settings, section 'Meta Data/WaveForm' ?

Re: Track-insert and cue-points disappears

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 23:46
by ExIT_FM
Hi Bernd,

No, it's not checked. If I open the track in PFL from the Find window, there's no cue-points at all, then I set them with ACPD. After that, I save meta data tags and close PFL. When I re-open the track, the cue-points disappears.
I think something wrong with the audio file, it happens with one track only.

Re: Track-insert and cue-points disappears

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 08:33
by radio42
Ahh, if it only happens with ONE single track, this track might have a corrupt TAG region in its physical file structure!
(in that case I guess you agree, that this is not a ProppFrexx bug ;-)

ProppFrexx cannot and will not write anything to a corrupt file in order to not risk damaging it even more as it already is.
You might try to re-encode the file (e.g. to WAV format) in order to get a 'correct' version.