Remote voicetrack

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Remote voicetrack

Post by Bumperke » 21 Nov 2016 09:56

Hi, i'm new on this board and have a question concerning remote voicetrack.
We use a full professional version of Proppfrexx in the studio. It is upgraded to version 4. We do have several DJs with less time.
Since every user has to purchase PF aswell, is there a simple version for them? Or can we buy several licenses for these users?


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Re: Remote voicetrack

Post by radio42 » 21 Nov 2016 20:46

For Remote VoiceTracking you must differentiate between your 'server' part (e.g. your main ProppFrexx studio instance) and your 'client' part (your DJs, which are connecting remotely to your server).

The 'server' ProppFrexx instance MUST be an Enterprise Edition!
But your 'client' instances can be any other license (even a Basic Edition would work, although this doesn't contain a graphical segue editor).

So yes, each 'user' needs a license, but your DJs might e.g. use the cheap Basic- or Premium non-commercial license.

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