right time Time every 10 minutes

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right time Time every 10 minutes

Post by vsolivie »

Hello, can anyone help me with how to proceed to announce the right time every 10 minutes
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Re: right time Time every 10 minutes

Post by radio42 »

You can for example use Fix Time Elements within a script together with the LoadTrack mode and the ${start_HH} and ${start_mm} macros.

E.g. create a folder which contains all your audio files for the time announcements and name the files in a certain way, e.g.:
- 0100.mp3
- 0110.mp3
- 0120.mp3
- 1500.mp3
- 1510.mp3
- 2340.mp3
- 2350.mp3

Then create one FTE (Fix Time Element) for each 10 minutes with your script you are executing for each program, e.g.
- one for 00:00
- one for 10:00
- one for 20:00
- one for 30:00
- one for 40:00
- one for 50:00
Note, that the FTEs are scheduled per hour, so the time specified is in minutes and seconds!
In case you are scheduling a new program each full hour, then you might need to check the 'Skip Last' option with the 00:00 FTE in order to not have a duplicate FTE at the full hour when a new program starts and the old ends.

For each FTE now use the 'LoadTrack' mode and select as an entry a path to your time announcement folder and use the above macros to denote your filename. E.g.:
LoadTrack C:\time-announces\${start_HH}${start_mm}.mp3

A FixTime Element is a special script element which is scheduled at an exact given time, e.g. at every :30 minute of an hour.
If a FixTime Element is due to be scheduled for its given time it will be used in addition to the regular script lines. The start_ macros will resolve at run-time to the effective time the FTE is assigned to.

Please also click on the '?' icon at the top right of the Fix Time Element dialog to understand the different optional values.

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