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Re: Right time

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As explained above this is not possible; expect you are using a FixTimeElement, which is already supported as explained above.

The other option I see is the following:
You create a 2 or 3 second long track, which only contains silent. You than assign a fixed OnTrackPlay control-command to effectively use the above EXEC_PLAY_FILE command to play the dynamic time, humidity whatsoever. I.e. each time this silent track is played, it triggers the command which in turn resolves the macros and plays the effective time.
You might use the TAG Editor to assign the OnTrackPLay commands like this:
In the TAG editor of that silent track select the 'Event Data' tab and make a right click in the event table. Now select the 'Track Control Command Events...' menu item.
In the upcoming dialog specify the related control-command for the 'On Track Play' event.

Finally make sure to save all this in the TAG Editor by pressing the 'Save Meta Data TAG' button! This will persistently save the assigned command to the audio files tag data.
Create multiple of these silent tracks with the corresponding length for each of your dynamic announcements (time, temperature, humidity etc.)

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