Line in signals remains

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Line in signals remains

Post by jbmusic » 16 Apr 2018 10:23

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I have a problem when I use the line-in option.
As soon as I use the scheduler, for example at 09.00 with a line-in audio signal (live location programm) and at 59.40 the programm is ended and the scheduller is starting the news (overlay) the audio signal from the line-in is not "cut off" but continues and is played on the out signal. I would like to interupt this signal (line in) and the scheduler should continue without having any extra signals
i hope you have a solution...

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Re: Line in signals remains

Post by radio42 » 16 Apr 2018 21:20

I am not sure, if I fully understand your issue.
But it sounds like you have setup a program scheduler entry with the 'Script' value using the ">INPUT: ..." value?
And then you have setup an overlay scheduler entry which runs on top of it (using the Overlay Player)?
And when that overlay runs, the related line-in value (as defined in the program) is not muted when the overlay plays.

Please note, that an overlay scheduler entry would NOT automatically end any line-in feed automatically.
But it will mute those mixer input channels, which have the option "Mute on Overlay" enabled.
So please make sure, that your line-in mixer input channel has this option actually enabled.

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