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Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 12 Jul 2018 18:15
by Contacto FM
It seems that I am the one who causes the most annoyance in this forum hehe
I would like to retransmit this Program from 11 AM to 11 PM
But When I Schedule from the Palylist That generates the Voice Track I load a different list to what I charge at 11 AM

How can I get back to Upload the same List that I charge at 11 AM?

Here is the File to show what I want to reload at another time
ProppFrexx 01.PNG
This is how I'm trying to prepare that block
ProppFrexx 01.PNG
ProppFrexx 03.png
ProppFrexx 04.PNG

Re: Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 12 Jul 2018 21:10
by radio42
A script is always executed dynamically!
I.e. each time it is executed, it will of course generate a new playlist tracks. This is whole idea of a script.

But you can specify in the original script a so called 'Archive', which will save all script-results to a playlist file:
Replay Script.jpg
In the picture below the file "C:\Replay Playlists\TUE11.pfp" (just an example name) will be created.

Now you can create a 2nd script (which you will schedule at 11PM in order to re-play that previously archived playlist.
This script might look like this:
The attachment Replay Script.jpg is no longer available
The LoadPLaylist mode is used as the first script-line to load the previously archived playlist file.
Note the Loop-Line value of 2 in the script header to make sure, that this 1st line is only executed once!

The above scenario works well, if you just want to re-play all tracks exactly as played before.
If you however have a live moderation and want to also keep all this in your re-play - than you must physically record your show.
E.g. use the Program related control-commands to start and stop the recording of a mixer channel to record the entire hour.
You might then re-play this recorded file in your later hour.

Re: Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 12 Jul 2018 21:24
by radio42
In addition there is also an 'Option' for program scheduler entries:
SaveScheduledPlaylistFile: If checked, the scheduled and played entries are saved in a .pfp playlist file into the standard Recording Output Folder.
The naming of these playlist files is always: "yyyyMMdd_HHmm.pfp" - according to the start date and time of the related program.
This should also easily allow you to repeat a previously scheduled playlist.

In order to do so, you might create a script with a 'LoadPlaylist' script-line (just like above!).
In the entry of such 'LoadPlaylist' script-line you might use the ${start_yyyy}, ${start_MM}, ... etc. macros!
And/or use the *[DATE] macro function to perform so calculation on it.

If you want to repeat in the evening a program of the day (let's say, that this is exactly 12 hours later on the same date), you can specify the following LoadPlaylist script-line entry:
C:\My Music\*[DATE:{${start}}:{hours}:{-12}:{yyyyMMdd_HHmm}].pfp

If you want to repeat a program which played at 11:00h, but 3 days later, you can specify the following LoadPlaylist script-line entry:
C:\My Music\*[DATE:{${start_yyyy}-${start_MM}-${start_dd}}:{days}:{-3}:{yyyyMMdd}]_1100.pfp

Re: Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 12 Jul 2018 21:32
by Contacto FM
I think the best option would be to use a command to record the entire program ......
Is there a way that when the programming starts, only the recorder is activated?
How should I proceed to leave the automatic recorder active?

Re: Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 13 Jul 2018 16:23
by Contacto FM
Okay,. I'll do it as you tell me. Thank you so much

Re: Prming retransogrammission

Posted: 13 Jul 2018 19:01
by radio42
You can use the command MIXER_OUTPUT_REC_ON to start the recording, which might also automatically stop any running/previous recording. The command MIXER_OUTPUT_REC_OFF can be used to stop the recording (which you might omit, in case you also want to record the next/sub-sequent program).
You can use the 'On Program Started' and 'On Program Stopped' events of the related Program Scheduler entry to trigger these commands.
Please take a look to the Appendix of the User Manual for more details and additional commands.


Code: Select all

MIXER_OUTPUT_REC_ON OUT1|C:\Recordings\TUE11.wav
The 1st parameter denotes the mixer channel name to record; the 2nd parameter is optional and denotes the filename to record. Nnote, this must match the defined recording format (see general settings, section Encoding/Recording - Default Recording Profile).