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Permanent hide unrated songs in ProppFrexx

Posted: 11 Dec 2018 15:22
by Hogeland
Hi, my name is Henk and i'm new on this forum.

First of all, thank you for this very nice piece of software! I'm using it for some time now.

I have a question about how to permanent hide duplicate songs in the quick search results.
I have rated all my +20k songs available in the media library and use the rating TAG in all my scripts.
All duplicate songs with the same artist - title and bad recordings has given a rating value 0 so they will not be played by the scripts.

Now, when i search for a song in the search field, the results always shows also the unrated (0) duplicated songs if any exists.
A dj can select those songs by accident during LiveDJ and insert them to the playlist.

It would be very useful if there was an option in the search area to permanently "hide all rating 0's" and/or "hide all unrated songs".
Also in the advanced filter section would it be nice to have an option for the rating field to have its value permanently saved for
next searches at the same ratings. At this moment i'm always have to use the filter again to exclude those outrated songs.
This way, one would only deal with those songs whitch are rated in PF.

If there is a option already available to achieve this , please let me know.

Kind regards,


Re: Permanent hide unrated songs in ProppFrexx

Posted: 11 Dec 2018 16:34
by radio42
There is not an option to permanently 'hide' those records, except you would for each search add rule to your search query,
e.g. when you search for a title "happy" you would need to search like "t:happy + r:1" - this would seach for the title happy AND having the rating greater or equal to 1.
I would understand, that this is not what you need/want... as such...

...why to keep the records in your libraries if you want to hide them permanently anyhow?
As such you can first search in your Find Window for all records having a rating value of 0. This search text would be "=r:0".

Now you might select all rows and either press:
a) Shift+Delete : to remove those selected records from your libraries
or (in case you want to physically deleted the from your hard disk, ie. because you are using folder based libs)
b) Ctrl+Shift+Delete: to physically delete the files from disk

Note, that a) will not work for folder based libs.

So there is NOT an option available to permanently add a certain additional filter to your search in an unrecognized way in the background.