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global history option

Posted: 09 Oct 2019 19:07
by Michel67
Hi Bernd,

at settings 'global history option' I have specified enough minutes (I think) to prevent songs from being repeated quickly. Still, some songs come by fairly quickly, sometimes next day. Library consists of approximately 5000 songs. see pictures.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: global history option

Posted: 09 Oct 2019 19:21
by radio42
Please use the script ‚Test...‘ function to see the issues more clearly.

It looks you are using both the global and the script history with quite high values.
Eg. I could imagine, that no track satisfied your history and as such tracks need to be repeated...

Also consult the history tutorial Video in the General section if this user forum...

I also cannot really see your script and script-line options. Not how large your media lib is.