registration data on a USB device

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registration data on a USB device

Post by Michel67 » 24 Mar 2020 18:04

Hi Bernd,

At the time I chose normal when registering and I wonder what the advantage is to save the registration data on a USB device. Can I switch computers more easily? Can I easily transfer the current registration data to a USB device?



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Re: registration data on a USB device

Post by radio42 » 24 Mar 2020 18:40

The USB registration is ONLY intended for quicker switching to a backup PC, which should use the same OS and setup as the main PC.
Somit is not intended to switch between different PCs or locations. This might theoretically work, but not guaranteed.

Transferring an existing license to USB is the same like transferring it to a different PC. I need your old original registration mail/data and your new Ident-Number.
Verify before you switch, that the USB device generates the exact same Ident-Number on both PCs.

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