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hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 23 Aug 2020 15:19
Hello all :)

Hope you are all coping through these crazy times and i will say a big thank you in advance if you can assist in the below :)

I have tried to search and read through the forum to find the correct answers however, im stuck and i couldnt find anything relevant to my situation.

When i started my radio station, I went the winamp route. Easy to use, free and i was up and running in 1 day and it was great.

The station progressed and its far more advanced hence, I needed a better solution then Winamp's basic offering so i read some reviews and ProppFrexx seemed to be the best. So i bit the bullet and jumped in.

Its clearly a lot to take in however, i love the advanced features and i think that having your system will let me grow even bigger and better and i am grateful to be onboard.

The biggest issue i had with winamp was the fact that playlist function was really basic. I was never in complete control around scheduling DJ Mixes and let me choose when the correct start and end times were. I was playing guessing games around start and stop times and well, it ended up taking up way to much of my time as i can only do 24 hours in advance.

Your Scheduling function its clearly a winner and im just trying to get my head around this. i watched your tutorial on the subject and i have a few questions specific to my set up.

1. DJ mixes are sent to me in random time frames, usually 30m, 60m, 90m slots. From my understanding, if i use the "fixed" function and set the start and stop times for a specific "show name" then this will override what ever the DJ mix is correct? (so for example a DJ mix is 67 minutes long but i only want it to run for 57 minutes and leave 3 minutes for ads then the system will automatically cut this off) am i on the right track here?

2. I have more mixes for some DJS then others, and thus, some DJS get more airtime. Some DJs will get a reoccurring show daily and others weekly. I want to create a weekly time slot for all DJS and then have these reoccurring, is there a way for the program to play the DJ mixes that are in file explorer from say oldest to newest (via date and time) and then continue to play a new DJ mix each occurrence automatically as i add more DJ mixes organically (as they send these to me) ? is this possible or do i have to change the DJ mix manually?

Sorry if these questions have already been asked/answered - i did try and search but i couldnt find anything specific to pre-loaded DJ mixes, everything seemed to point to single MP3s

The Aim of my station now is to offer stable, hourly shows starting on the hour, every hour and play a simple break add the end before the new mix plays. This way i can grow an audience base that understand that the show will always be playing at the correct time each and every week or day or month. at the moment its a mess and i know that my investment into this program can fix it!!

thank you again :D


Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 23 Aug 2020 16:16
by radio42
1. if you are referring to the Fixed StartTime of a Program Scheduler entry you are totally correct.
A fixed start ensures a start of the program on time and stops any previously running track in the previous resp. current playlist.

2. You might use the LoadFolder command in a script-line. This does exactly what you are looking for! It comes with various sort options to then pick the top entry. This sounds like what you are looking for.

As an additional tip.
In each dialog youโ€™ll fine a question mark icon at the very top right. This show a help for all options given in that dialog.

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 06:37
Hi Bernd,

Thank you for your immediate response!

Apologises for my delayed response, we just had baby #3 and have just been relaxing with the family.

1. perfect thank you.

2. ok this is fantastic - than you again.

3. Ok New Question - I am essentially looking to give all DJS 57 minutes and 36 seconds of play time. after this, my in-house ads play. Have a look at the images attahched, as you can see in image 1, this shows that i have added a recurring advert. Have I done this correctly or is there a better way? (ill add an image for this as well)

4.If you refer to image 2 and image 3 this is the first try at my new show script - 5PM each day "Therapy Sessions"

5. can i make this play daily except for 1 day? (Friday for example?) as i couldn't see that as an option

6. While i like the "FIXED" time slot, my next question on this is what happens to the output if the DJ mix doesn't go for the full hour? Some DJ mixes from the same DJ go for 50 minutes and some go for 15/35/45 minutes for example) is there just dead air?? i there a way to revert to a separate playlist that plays random mp3s until the Advert @ **:57:36 and then the next show can start?

Thank you in advance again :)

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 06:37
advert image

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 13:32
by radio42
Well, you could also have used the real Advert Management, but if your in-house ads are just one file, all looks okay. Eg. your advert program would stop your previous program and end it at a fixed time.
Just check how the next program is being started, eg. if you schedule that at the next full hour soft, your ad file must be long enough. You might also allow that to start early.
Click on the โ€š?โ€˜ icon at the very top right to get further help.

When a script is executed, each script loops once all script lines are used to query additional tracks. If you are using 3 DJ Players and has set the Scheduler LookAhead Option to 3 tracks (which is the default) initially 6 tracks are queried.
As your script only has 1 script-line, this would be called/used 6 times.
In order to only use the LoadFolder line once and to ensure you might query additional tracks in case the DJMix is short in time, please add a 2nd script line and use eg. the Random mode to select tracks from any of your Media Libraries.
Then set the LoopLine parameter of your script to 2! This will ensure, that the 1st script-line is only executed once and in case the script needs to loop it would loop starting with line 2.

For the recurrence you can select the Weekly option and then specify any week day to include resp. exclude in that weekly pattern.
So yes, itโ€™s possible what you are looking for, you can repeat on any week day except Fridays.

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 15:44
that is amazing :) :)

I am going to have a proper plat now and kick in this scheduler :)

thanks again !

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 16:16
Hello again!

Really loving this program ๐Ÿ’• so thank you

It's so stable and fantastic, great job once again.

So as per the above I have done what you have said and it works great!!!

The only issue is that as per standard when I use the loadfolder function + creation time variable the option surpress history is default so essentially, it was loading the same DJ mix (that was created earliest) and playing it in the script so I tried *force history check* which seems to solve my issue however, I noticed today the fall back option (of loading random tracks) kick in with option ticked as, it looks like this option will play all files creation time, while checking history but, it's been played it won't play again.

So what I want it to do load a folder, read the creation time checked that if it's been played and if so skip but when it gets to the end, start again. How can I make do it do this?

As always thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 17:16
by radio42
Then you also need to enable the script option: UseLastTrackOnFinalFail.

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 13 Sep 2020 23:42
Will that reset the scripts? As in start loading the first track in creation time ?

Re: hour long DJ mixes advice?

Posted: 14 Sep 2020 00:28
Also, i cant see "UseLastTrackOnFinalFail" am i missing something?