Playlist script

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Playlist script

Post by viljar »


Are somehow possible make master playlist script which forbids play with auto rotation 2 similar song sequentially.
I mean if song 1: "Gene" = Dance then next song need to be Not "Gene" = Dance
And same is Grouping. If "Group" = "7" then next can not be "Group" = "7"

It can do when i make very long script, but are some easier way?

And why program fail so much at the script?
Script 1.JPG
In this moment i write "does not equal" "Club"
But sometimes program play them?

Usually but not always "Equals" command work, but "Does not equal" command fails very often.
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Re: Playlist script

Post by radio42 »

Please send the whole script and describe exactly what fails and where.
Note, that if you are using Filters plus Histories, that maybe no matching track can be found.
In that Cade, use the ‚Test‘ function. This displays a very extensive log output which typically gives an indication why something is maybe not happening as you pretend.
On that case also provide the full output of the Test log output to take a look at.

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