How to move settings to a new computer

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How to move settings to a new computer

Post by franksiegers »

Hi Bernd,

I would like to move PFOA including all settings and libraries to a new computer. I've used the same drive letters and user name but cannot seem to restore the back-up. I'm moving from Windows 7 to 10, even though the %appdata% path is the same, perhaps there's some other path that's different that's causing PFOA to fail restoring?

Is there a list of files/directories where I can check what to restore to get alle settings, mixer setup, Airlite setup etcetera restored?


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Re: How to move settings to a new computer

Post by radio42 »

You can migrate your old configuration data, assuming you are using the same drive mappings.
To do that you can first copy your entire ProppFrexx ONaIRvconfig data („4.0“ sub folder) which might mostly be contained in your AppUserData folder.
Just exclude your Default.mixer file, as the new PC might have a different sound card Setup. You might also exclude your .layout files, as the screens might be different on the new PC.

Then all your media libs, .pfs script files, your scheduler calendar, your advert storage path (if used) and all your audio files.
Make sure, that you have used relative paths in any .pfp Playlist files, Else your drive letters must exactly match.

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