Autowatch stopped for

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Autowatch stopped for

Post by jsonio »

A few days ago, I had to enable the debug logging and I got many :

"Autowatch stopped for /LIBRARY"

After, verification it was a library that I removed earlier.
Can the autowatch stay alive even if I remove a library?

Do you suggest to edit the library to remove the autowatch first and then to remove the library?

Thank you !
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Re: Autowatch stopped for

Post by radio42 »

Yes, that could indeed be the case. Please first deactivate the AutoWatch feature and than delete the lib.
AutoWatch is actually a function by the OS which I use.
When removing a media lib, I normally also deactivate the AutoWatch feature, but sometimes, the OS still reports it.
So this is nothing to worry about, as I terminate that anyhow after 25 retries.

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