Cartwall tabs and workflow

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Cartwall tabs and workflow

Post by franksiegers »

Hi Bernd,

You once posted this picture:
Cartwall Bernd.png
How did you get the tabs that say 'Jingles', 'Sweepers', 'VOX only sweepers' there?

I have some old libraries there but cannot remove or change them:
Cartwall Frank.PNG
Also what skin do you use since it has a better contrast than the one I'm currently using.

In general, I would also like to hear how others manage their carts. Do you have static cartwalls or create a cartwall library playlist for each show? I'm still figuring out the best workflow if I have dynamic carts that I'd like to change before each show.
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Re: Cartwall tabs and workflow

Post by radio42 »

Ctrl+Click: use and assign the current selected cartwall lib to that shortcut
Alt+Click: remove the current assignment
(just hoover over the buttons to get the tool tip)
The name displayed is always the name of the related cartwall lib assigned to the button - i.e. just name your libs accordingly.

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