automatic song mod

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automatic song mod

Post by filmchecker »

I want to setup a media library with new songs and for each new song i want a automatic song moderation.... ist this possible !
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Re: automatic song mod

Post by radio42 »

If you mean, that for certain tracks automatically a kind of 'station voice file' should be 'injected' either before or after such track - then yes, this is possible.
However, to enable this feature you need to follow certain rules:

a) the 'Station Voice' filenames must follow a cetain naming rule:
- they must reside within the same folder as the original audio file
- they must start with the same name and end with the same extension but have a fixed intermediate extension:
- ".StationVoiceBefore" or ".StationVoiceAfter"
You original filename is: "Test.mp3"
The station voice files must be either:
- "Test.StationVoiceBefore.mp3" : would be used/injected before the track
- "Test.StationVoiceAfter.mp3" : would be used/injected after the track

b) These station voice files are NOT concidered automatically!
They are only concidered when the Program Scheduler is started and from within a resp. Program/Script started by the scheduler.
In addition you MUST use a certain control-command beforehand to enable station voice usage.
All this to ensure, that station voice files are really only concidered in 'Automatic' mode and not during any Live-Assist operations!

To enable station voice usage you must use the control-command "SCHEDULER_CHECKSTATIONVOICEFILES_ON".
This control-command can directly be used within the respective Program entry with the 'On Program Starting' event.
To assign this control-command open the related program entry from the Program Scheduler and click on the 'Control-Commands...' button in the 'Program Editor' dialog.

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