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Play Over

Post by bizzul » 25 Apr 2012 02:59

How we can make play over the previous playlist? For example, we continuous relay other radio station, while we can play our radio station ID without stop the relay program, only lower the volume.

Thank you.

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Re: Play Over

Post by radio42 » 25 Apr 2012 19:38

If I understand you correctly you want to 'relay' another radio station - meaning by default you just constantly 'play' a certain URL stream.
And you then want (at certain times) play over this URL stream your own station IDs or Jingles (no matter what is currently being playing by that URL stream).
If that is correct you can simply use the Overlay Scheduler.
An Overlay entry (beside other things) also allows you to define a time at which certain elements (e.g. your station IDs, Jingles) should be played out on top of regular playlist items.
As such the Overlay would simply attenuate the current playlist (fade it down), play its overlay content and then fades the playlist back to the normal volume.

To achieve this do the following:

1) Define a regular Program Scheduler entry:
This might invoke a simple 'Script' which just contains a single script-line:
- LoadTrack, <url>, 1, Option: KeepStreamLoading, KeepStreamAlive
This script would then play out your stream url constantly in a playlist window.

2) Define an extra Script which plays your station id, jingle:
This script can also be just one script-line, e.g.:
- Random, StationIDMediaLib, 1

3) Define an Overlay Scheduler entry (for each desired time you want to play your overlay, note that you might use a recurring overlay to repeat it automatically):
Type: Script
Playing: the reference to the script as defined above under step 2)
Start Type: Fixed (you must set this, as the underlying URL stream has no end)
Start Time: The time you want to play the overlay
Suspend Program: NOT checked! (so that the underlying playlist continuous to play)
Attenuation: the dB value to lower the underlying playlist

That's basically it.

For more infos and details about the Overlay-Player see here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=59

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Re: Play Over

Post by bizzul » 29 Apr 2012 18:22

Many thanks for your tutor.

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